COVID-19 Reopening Requirements

Summary of Requirements from the College of Optometrists of Ontario that practices must meet in order to be able to reopen:

  • Do not schedule appointments for any person who has symptoms of COVID-19, who is living with someone that has symptoms, who has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or who has travelled outside of Ontario within 14 days.
  • Hands must be cleaned before and after every patient interaction.
  • Hand sanitizing stations must be available at clinic entrances and must be used by anyone entering the clinic.
  • Optometrists and staff must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) covering their mouth, nose, and eyes when interacting with patients.
  • Anyone entering the office, including patients, must wear a mask.
  • Health Canada guidelines must be followed if reprocessing PPE.
  • Optometrists must consider how physical distancing can be maintained in the office (> 2 m).
  • Slit lamp shields must be installed.
  • Optometrists must update and document their standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to infection control.
  • Every device or appliance (including eyeglass frames) that patients contact must be disinfected before use with the next patient.
  • Optometrists and their staff must not present to work when ill with symptoms of infection.
  • No initial (new) contact lens fittings are to be performed at this time (i.e., insertion and removal training).
  • Automated visual field assessment must only occur when necessary, and with patients wearing a properly secured mask covering their mouth and nose.